Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween in November

When Halloween falls on a Wednesday it opens up a second option for throwing a Halloween party.  It just so happened that the first weekend of November worked out better for our besties and so we got planning (i.e. I made invitations) and had a little people party in the afternoon (now that they're all at that age) and a big people party in the evening.

I like parties.  I think little kids parties are the best because the expectations are pretty low for all involved (unless you're a crazy mom....which I have been I admit).  Kids just want to play, they want to run around screaming and throw pillows at each other, some kids want nothing to do with the other kids because the toys are just sooooooo cool or some just stare at all the other little kids and think "Who ARE these people?"  Regardless they all have a grand time because they're doing what they want.

Our big people party had less than people than in previous years.  Some because of family commitments, some just because and....well that's about it.  :)

The theme for this year was literary characters.  The hubby and I dressed up as Daisy Buchanan and Zaphod Beeblebrox.  Other characters included....The White Witch, one of the 3 Musketeers, Wendy and Peter Pan, Depressed Android, and Jack Torrance.

Our parties are never really different than a normal weekend, but I love seeing everyone all dressed up (because everyone puts in an awesome effort) and it's fun.  :)

(Note there were other people at our party, it wasn't one of those parties, but I am hesitant to just throw up other people's pictures on the internet....weirdos and all :D )

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