Monday, November 12, 2012

Great Read!

Last night I finished reading "Zombie Island" by Lori Handeland.  As mentioned in my previous post and in comments I read before buying this book, it is not really for those who are purists about Shakespeare or English history in general.  :D  But then again, if you are reading a book about zombies how much are you taking seriously to begin with?  :D

I missed that this is a sequel but I don't feel that it impeded my enjoyment of the book at all.  Anything that was referenced from the first book was quickly explained.  At an early point in time Shakespeare became a vampire and because of this, he has been able to write stories forever and become widely known as a literary genius.  His stories are inspired by the victims of his bloodlust early in (un)life (oh yes, he is also a necromancer, he can see ghosts and raise zombies).  A couple of plays influenced by his victims are "The Merchant of Venice" and "Macbeth". 

Throughout the book you hear him and his ladylove Katherine (a zombie killer!) exchange sweet words, some of which become sonnets, some of which have been sonnets (My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun...) and many times quotes from will be plays (most notably Romeo and Juliet).  One of my absolute favorite parts though is when Shakespeare is staring off into the nighttime sky and while musing says "I will live long and prosper" to which his companion asks him what he is talking about and he replies with "I see a logical man with pointy ears in a galaxy far far away" (or something to that point). 

I enjoyed this book for all of its silliness and it was really well written.  Each chapter moved from point of view to point of view, but I felt that it was quite clear whose eyes you were seeing from.  The basic plot of this story is that a crazy sorcerer is determined to raise a zombie army on his little island to reclaim his birthright.  With the help of a trapped tree sprite he is well on his way.  Little to his knowledge she has called forth a chausseur or zombie hunter, to thwart his plans.  When she brings forth her 'diamond' however, she gets a little more than she asked for and begins to see the more human side of herself. 

The ending is satisfying as it is and I also feels leaves open the opportunity for a third book.  And based on her list of books from Good Reads, I think she likes writing collections.  :)  This book will be traveling soon to my zombie loving friend and next up on my reading queue is.....


Next up more thankful in November and a new FO!

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