Monday, November 12, 2012

Finished Objects

Lucky you I get to show off two finished objects today!  This is what I get for forgetting about a few pictures on the camera :D

With some leftover Lamb's Pride and new Malabrigo I held them together and did seed stitch until I ran out of Lamb's Pride.  :)  When I stitched them together I flipped one side so it has a lovely twist to it.

Fawn Poncho by Tiny Owl Knits

This poncho has been in my queue for awhile now and I finally had the desire to order up some yarn and knit it.  What had put me off for a bit was the colorwork, but now that I'm sneaking in more projects under my belt with colorwork I felt confident.  Or at least confident enough to give it a whirl.  I enjoy colorwork, I don't enjoy colorwork when it's on one side.  The puckering drove me insane despite how loose I let the yarn be behind the work or how much I tried to keep the tension even.  In the end I had to nitpick around some of the edges to make it lay flat and then embroider the rest in with scrap yarn. 

I forwent the super bulky yarn mostly because I couldn't find any colors that I liked from KnitPicks.  So instead I bought more than enough yarn in worsted weight, used size 8 needles and used mostly the size med/large numbers in the pattern.  The biggest difference i made was in adding 4-5" at the bottom measuring from the bottom of the armhole. 

So I am super excited to wear this for Thanksgiving next week!  :)  The only downside is that I pushed my wrist and it now hurts...I will definitely need to temper my knitting obsession a tiny bit, or at least just quit when it hurts instead of pushing forward.

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