Saturday, January 22, 2011

Being 4 must be hard

As an adult it's easy to watch little kids and think "Gee, it must be nice to be so carefree and fun."  And then I watch my son and think "Gee, it must be horrible getting told no all the time because you're constantly fighting to be heard, to get attention, to not be able to express yourself...."

It must be hard being 4, for it to be super crappy outside 5 months out of the year and not to be able to release any of that extra energy we as adults miss.  It must be hard not being able to sit still long enough to do anything.  It must be hard to always be fighting for attention because you have a little sister, you have animals, you have what feels like thousands of other people needing attention.

What I find really difficult as a parent, is to not see my son as a little adult.  It's really  hard trying to not hold him to this higher standard that he is not mature enough for.  Or not to get my feelings hurt when he says he doesn't like me, but what he really means is that he's upset that it's my turn to put him to bed when he was really looking forward to daddy doing it. 

I'm not sure which is harder.  Being the parent or the child!

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