Friday, January 21, 2011

Boo to cold weather

I admit it, I'm a huge baby when it comes to cold weather.  There's a certain point where even cracking open my front door to get the mail is too depressing because I don't want to brave the freezing onslaught of 2 seconds.  The past few days it's been anywhere between 5-15 below zero with wind chills of -33.  Not pleasant.  But holing up hasn't been all that pleasant either.

I have huge cabin fever but it's too cold to even do anything outside like sled or ice skate.  Bleh.  This is the worst part of winter, where it's really too cold to go anywhere but you really need to get out of the house or else your head will explode.  It's a good thing Monster Bean has school a few days a week so it forces me to go outside :)  Then I don't feel quite sooooo isolated.  :D

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