Thursday, January 20, 2011


Having been an only child for 12 years I never really was 'in cahoots' with anybody.  I feel like I was cheated out of a special bond of cahootsness.  :)

Yesterday afternoon I had all the rest of the laundry folded.  Which is amazing considering I had zero want to do it.  It was all neatly packed away in their respective baskets and ready to be put away when Little Miss woke up.

We pick up Monster Bean and after a quick snack he's busy putting away his clothes and I'm going to start putting away Little Miss' clothes.  Well then Monster Bean  needs help because his pants drawers are full (and by full I mean they're so disorganized nothing would fit in there).  So I leave Little Miss in the living room while I help him out.  While I'm gone, for two minutes, she has managed to spread most of my laundry out of the basket all over the living room, turn on the heater in her room and trying to pull clothes out of HER drawers!  I think they were in cahoots.  :)

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