Friday, January 28, 2011

On Friday's

I always feel bad on Friday nights.  We used to host games at our house every Friday and Saturday night.  Our friends would come over after the kids went to bed and we'd sit around drinking beer and playing "Puerto Rico" or "Dominion".  Or sometimes we'd fire up the XBox and go nuts playing RockBand or Guitar Hero.  Even when Little Miss was a newborn we still managed to have people over and worked around her non-sleeping schedules.

Now it seems that they're both a little older and more wily, my desire to do anything more than curl up on the couch in my PJ"s and watch a movie is pretty nil.  It has pretty much become the norm that Friday nights are my relaxing night and the hubby & I will settle in and on Saturday we'll have people over for games. 

I honestly don't feel *that* bad because after a week of being a SAHM...well, let's just say that my energy is crap and my patience is zero.  Plus it's always nice to have a full day to unwind and let the hubby take care of the kids to make me feel human again.  :)  Okay and I admit it, after having 3 weekday nights filled with obligations, I also like having Friday all to myself to be a hermit.  :D

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