Friday, January 28, 2011


Yesterday was the registration day for incoming kindergartners!  I went expecting there to be a screening (which I was told several times on the phone with the people I talked to).  But guess what.  Screening was last week.  I looked through the packet and there was a list of things that kids should be able to do before they enter kindergarten.  Well Monster Bean can do it all so I decided to go ahead and register him.

The hubby and I have implemented a new routine in regards to Monster Bean's discipline.  Now instead of time-outs where he sits in the corner and stares at the wall, we've told him that he can go sit in the kitchen and color and settle down.  Because usually when he goes in the corner it's because he's freaking out over something and crashes in to his sister.  Also he helped me make him a behavior chart and a weekly calendar.  The deal is that if he's been good, he gets to do a special craft with me or bake some treats.  I haven't exactly fine tuned this as the other day we painted all the sun catchers and we've made brownies twice this week...but it has been helpful in rewarding his good behavior.

All this sunny and 30 degree weather has really been making me long for spring!  It would be wonderful if the temperatures continued to rise...but instead they're supposed to plummet and be subzero again next week.  Seriously, why do I live in the frigid north?  I wasn't built for this kind of weather, I'm really a weanie.  :D  At least when I get older I can always become a snowbird and enjoy months of Florida weather if I choose.

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