Monday, January 31, 2011

So ready for spring

It's another week of double digit subzero windchill and highs of 1 degree.  None too thrilled about it.  Last week I loved the bright sunny weather and enjoyed having the curtains wide open.  I was even tempted to open the windows when it was in the high 30's on Thursday.  Now it's cold as heck again and I feel like I should go into hibernation like a bear.  Grrr.

Lately I've been wondering if I have slight SAD.  It isn't just that I hate cold weather, but I've just been outright cranky and blah.  Some days to the point where I just curl up on the couch while the hubby plays with the kids and shed a few tears over pure blahness.

I'm ready for spring, sunshine and warm weather.  I'm ready for being outside and taking the dog out for his many walks (I'm sure he is too!).  I'm just ready for any weather that's above 0!

At least the days are flying by and it will be spring before I know it.  :)

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