Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So one of my girlfriends asked a question on Facebook on what mom friends of hers chose for their carseat.  Who went with the detachable one and why?  Who went straight for the convertible?  In the 10 or so responses, 99% of them said they went with the detachable.  I was the only dissenter in the group.  Why?  I hated, HATED, the detachable carseat.  It was the bane of my existence and I furiously counted down the days until my first was in the convertible.  Which, thankfully, was soon.

I respect that the detachable carseat has great benefits.  But are they *really* benefits?

The one item that was pointed out in every single fricken' post was: you don't have to wake the baby when you get in/out of the car.  Maybe it's just my kids who sleep like rocks, but on the occasion they did wake up, they passed right back out.  So this point doesn't really ring true for me.

You can latch the seat onto any ol' cart.  Big effin' lie.  At Wal-Mart, at the grocery store, the carseat was just a smidge too big to comfortably fit in the seat of the cart.  So instead of setting the seat in there and walking about carefree, I worried about the slightest jolt popping them out and sending them overboard.

Those suckers are freaking heavy.  I much rather preferred hauling my baby around myself than in a 30 lb carseat.

I agree that for winter or colder months it's nice to have a detachable seat because you don't have to super bundle the child up him/herself.  You can stack on 30 blankets and call it a day. 

I also agree that having the carseat being able to clip right onto your stroller is pretty handy.

But, in the end, having had one child grow up with his detachable seat and the younger who went straight into a convertible, I 100% prefer the convertible.  And that's what I'd recommend...most of the time.  :)


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  2. I went back n forth on this carseat thing with my second.. We ended up buying a carrier but only used it for 3-4 months nad it was the stupidest thin i bought with this baby. WE have been in the convertable since and we occasionally still use the carrier when we ride in others cars that dont have carseats or when ours isn't available. I will always recommend a convertable as well.