Sunday, February 6, 2011

The D Plague

Every time my family gets sick, I have a girlfriend who jokes "Oh no  the D Plague hits again!"  Because really, when there are 4 of you in a family, chances are you won't get sick just the first time...usually we all catch the same cold twice.  It's not fair!  And of course guess who gets it last?  Yep.  Me.  Not this time however.  This time I was victim #2.  But this of course meant that our 4 year old, who was victim #1, has had bounds of energy the entire time the rest of US have been sick.  Boooooooo.  It's hard to get rest when you hear the kids yelling and screaming, the dog barking like mad and your significant other trying to gain control of everything by yelling "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"  Yes, sometimes that's me :)

I thought my curse had lifted on Friday and all I had had to fight was a sore throat.  I went to my son's school and read a story (love reading months!) and felt fantastic all day long.  Friday night I felt like a truck had run me over and on Saturday I felt even worse.  The three of us looked like death while my 4 year old ran around happily yelling "I'm not sick!  I'm not sick!"  Thanks for rubbing it in my little 3 foot monster.  :)

Because of this blasted cold I had to skip out my girls' coffee date yesterday (which I scheduled), had to postpone craft night Thursday (which I scheduled) and we're all skipping going to the SuperBowl Party tonight only because it's at our friend's house who has a newborn baby.  While it's unlikely any of us are contagious, I didn't want Monster Bean coughing all over the baby and Little Miss dripping snot rockets onto her face.

But I think I see the end of the D Plague in sight.  I think, if I squint really hard, I can see the end of the road.  :)

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