Sunday, January 30, 2011

They aren't rectangles!!!!

I keep meaning to blog this because it's so darn funny.  Every day at lunch I ask my son if he wants rectangles or triangles for his sandwich.  On Friday my husband cut them into squares and the second Monster Bean saw them he cries out "These are squares, not rectangles!!!!!!"  You'd think that the world was ending.  And it was so funny I laughed for the next 5 minutes as my son sat in a puddle of tears because his sandwich wasn't cut in 6 little rectangles.

And tonight I'm getting the kids ready for a bath and as Monster Bean is climbing in, I notice Little Miss swirling my sweatshirt around on the floor.  Yes, Little Miss peed on the floor and was nice enough to wipe it up.  With my sweatshirt.  Silly girl.  :)

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