Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's!

Ever since we've had kids we don't really make a big splashy deal out of Valentine's.  Well really before we had kids we didn't either...But we had fallen into the habit of making steaks, potatoes, asparagus, a big meal with wine and beer for after the kiddos have fallen asleep.  Toss in a movie, maybe some cuddling and voila, Happy Valentine's!  :)  Honestly I really love that tradition of bunking in and forgoing the insanity that is this holiday :)

This year however our friends offered to do a kid-swap.  They would watch our monkeys for a night so we could get out of the house and then we would watch their little monkey for a night.  So tonight we're going out for dinner AND a movie.   Woot!  :)

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