Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Potty Training

It's at times like these that I wish Little Miss had been another boy :D  Because then at least I'd know what to do as far as potty training...and that it'd be at least another year before I attempted :D  But as it is Little Miss has been showing that she's at least curious about the process.  Yesterday I went ahead and bought her some big girl undies and this morning I thought we'd test the waters.

She usually follows everybody into the bathroom so she knows what happens.  Today I've been telling her after going potty that that's what she'll hear when she goes so she knows.  So far we've visited the potty 3-4 times and peed on the floor.  :)  I knew it was coming soon and it happened just a few minutes after our last visit to the bathroom.  Oh well.  :D  I wasn't exactly expecting it to go smoothly the first day!  More to come!

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