Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Vacation Day 2

Yesterday I wasn't able to do much because I had some weird sinus thing going on.  At least we were able to go the Y and the library, but then my day went downhill from there.  I'm not sure if chlorine got into my head and made me all bleh, but I'm glad it's over.

The craft we were going to do yesterday we finished this morning after breakfast.  Yesterday they decorated their crabs and the hubby traced their feet on construction paper for me.  This morning I made their flipflops and then they helped direct where everything should go on the window.

It's our summer window!  Too bad we don't actually have a beach....

Yesterday my order from came in and I was excited to bust into my new products this morning.  I've been on the hunt for some natural/organic makeup and soap/lotion for the kids.  We've been using Burt's Bee's on the kids but I wanted an unscented lotion because sometimes the lavender on both kids makes my head hurt.  On my internet researching was rated pretty highly as a great place to find organic products for a good price.  The other thing I have been looking for in my makeup is something light and more like a tint than a full on foundation.  But the problem with doing that, is when I do break out it isn't pretty and then I feel like I need to put a mask on to cover it all up.  On I found organic products and then I filtered them by best rated and based my buys on customer reviews.  Which honestly kept me away from a few products that sounded awesome....but the reviews were less than stellar.

So here's me, blemishes and all with my new makeup.  I'm pretty satisfied with the light coverage and how my breakout doesn't seem so bad under it.

My 'foundation' is Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer in light-tan (I like the color combination picks as I'm not quite as tan as my genes would suggest but I'm  not that pale either), I used GeoGirl mineral powder over the moisturizer and then a bit of Geogirl shimmer dust on my cheeks and Geogirl mascara.  Something I realized right away is that in just a couple of applications I achieved what 10 applications of my current 'lengthening mascara' does.  I'm also hoping that this mascara doesn't bother my eyes like most mascaras/eyeshadows do.  I also bought a leave in conditioner/styling cream that I will have to wait and see how it goes.  If I can find a product that I can toss in my hair and go and it looks good then I'll be pretty happy.  I feel that no matter how much I straighten my hair, because of the length and how it falls, the ends are constantly flipping out which drives me crazy.  Also I discovered on Monday that I can do beachy waves with just gel, so that makes getting ready even quicker.

And to continue on with my beauty/fashion blabber, here's my outfit of the day!

Last night I made Pansit and I was a little wary of using the wok.  Mostly because I hate cooking with oil because I'm constantly burning myself.  So instead I used a frying pan which worked out pretty well.  We used pork ribs which meh because some of them didn't cook as evenly as the rest of them which was frustrating.  Everything else came out great though.  I did have to laugh because the hubby bought Oriental flavored Ramen and when he mentioned this I teased him that it didn't matter because you don't use the seasoning at all.  Yes I realize it's a Filipino dish and it's funny he bought Oriental Ramen.  :D

This afternoon we'll be making spray chalk for outside and hopefully running about!

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