Monday, June 4, 2012

Good times

I have a hard time coming up with new titles for my posts that don't contain the phrase "Yay Summer" or "Summertime fun!" because 1) they're generic and 2) I'm sure I've used them before.  :)  I might have to find a thesaurus and start using really random words.

Friday was a pretty laid back day.  We started off by catching up on errands (cat litter!  Who knew 35lbs weighed so much) and being lazy.  Then in the afternoon we watched "The Secret World of Arriety" which was awesome.  Of course I am also a sucker for Studio Ghibli movies so.....

Saturday I was at the school helping set things up for our church's VBS.  This is my second year and it's always fun hearing the general idea of how they want us to decorate and then see what happens and how so many people with different ideas can pull it all together.  This year the theme is Adventures on Promise Island and so it's very beachy.  After I was done there it was so super nice outside that we blew up the pool and invited a friend over with her daughter.  Before we knew it, 3 hours had flown by and it was time for dinner!  Since we still hadn't gone grocery shopping yet I thought it was a good time to use my gift certificate to the KC Hall and get myself a prime rib dinner.  :)  The kids were really well behaved and nobody dropped their glass glasses on the floor and nobody spilled so that made me happy!

Here are some pictures of our adventures since last time!

I forgot we also did spray chalk!  Next time I will add more food coloring in the green and yellow bottles, they were a little sad.

I have to laugh because I had no idea where she got this pose from...until on Saturday when I was standing and chatting with my friend, hands on my hips and then Little Miss copied me.  Mystery solved!  :)

 Also, there is no menu of the week this week because VBS is feeding us dinner so yay on less mom responsibility :D

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  1. :) very sweet. and yes, our children follow everything we do (until they hit 12 or 13, haha) so we must be careful how we behave ourselves.