Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spy for a day

Earlier this week I promised my kids a spy day and I had hoped to be more prepared for today.  In the end I was definitely not prepared at all but it turned out to be fantastic anyway!

My original intent was to create stations for the kids to do things at that were 'spy-like'.  A big one was to have them write invisible messages and then later to reveal them by blowing a  hair dryer over them (the mix I tried didn't work out so well).  I was also thinking of having one station be an obstacle course but Little Miss wanted to color and not play so I left that one out. 

Instead I wrote a few messages on pieces of paper and had a couple attached to stuffed animals, in between 'missions' Monster Bean was supposed to find me and sometimes I was hiding and then in the end he got a treat as a reward for completing all his missions!  He said he had so much fun he wanted to do it again so on the second go round it was more like a hide and seek but he still loved it.  We also dressed up because it's always more fun when you dress up!  I donned a straw fedora, big sweater and sunglasses while Monster Bean wore a cap backwards on his head and a big sweatshirt.  We even did silly walks dodging from corner to corner around the house as he did his 'missions'.  So much fun!

In knitting news I am halfway through my 10th repeat of the body of my shawl.  Row 2 always gets me because I have numbers where I can count and double check I'm on the right track so it's slow going.  After that everything flies by which is nice with all those stitches on my needle!  :)

In fashion news I received my jeans in the mail!  Last week I ordered them from Urban Outfitters and had them speedily delivered so they'd be here before our trip.

The hubby teased me that they're so long and laughed even more when I told him I had already chopped off and hemmed 4" from the bottom.  I can't help it, I'm a shortie  :D  They're super crazy wide legged and really soft.  My only complaint is that they feel really thin.  I'm used to my jeans being that nice thick actual jean feeling material.  So a small part of me is worried they won't last as long as all of my other jeans.  So here's to hoping they do!

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  1. sounds like you and monster bean had a ball!!! And I love your jeans, at first I thought they were just big bell bottoms...circa 1970. lol