Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Fun

Last night was our Community Block Party to welcome back the college students.  We have never been so it was something new for us.  There was free food, free stuff (although we didn't pick up a lot of it), games, and of course, bounce houses for the little ones.  We let them be 'free range' at this event and it worked out pretty well.  The only downside to this is that dad and Monster Bean were walking one speed, Little Miss and I were walking another and communication was pretty much impossible over the loud music.  This resulted in lots of snappy what's and one or both of us wandering off in opposite directions.

Untitled Untitled Here they are enjoying a hot dog and Little Miss with her collection of things. She was at one point walking around with an ice cream sandwich, a half eaten cookie AND her balloon dog. The only reason she stopped was so someone could help unwrap her ice cream sandwich more. ;)

A really cool part of the block party was the butterfly 'house'.  They set up a tent with dozens of Monarch Butterflies inside and let kids in to watch.  I thought it was really cool! 

In other housework has really suffered this week.  Aside from the many piles of laundry I've been doing (letting Little Miss go diaper free overnight....which is another story altogether how it happened) I haven't vacuumed, dusted, cleaned the bathroom....all the normal things.  I plan to remedy it today, but man, I have to rethink my schedule.  :D

This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous and I want to take the kids to the Res.  Unfortunately my husband reminded me that usually in August the Res is pretty nasty with all the moss and whatnot that has piled up in thick gobs.  Ew. 

Since Little Miss' birthday is coming up soon I decided I should probably get my act together and begin planning.  She has been telling everybody that she is going to have a princess party and she will wear a pretty princess dress.  For awhile I tried getting her to decide on ONE princess dress for me to make but she has been pretty wishy washy about deciding.  So finally I looked up just pretty dress patterns and she picked this one (okay, there were actually 3 choices and I picked this one).  Emmaline from Violette Field Threads.  I liked this one the best a lot because the model was just precious and wearing that giant floppy hat reminded me so much of Little Miss.  When we go out of town next weekend I will have to take her to the fabric store so she can pick out what she wants her dress made out of.  I am pretty excited and after this will probably still make her a few tutu princess dresses (I have a few fun ones pinned on Pinterest) as presents.  While we are away I will probably also pick up other things for her party like foam swords for the boys, find a princess crown and maybe a few other things I haven't thought up of yet.  :D

Alrighty, I should start ticking things off of my to-do list now!

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  1. SOunds like you all had a grand time! Happy planning for the birthday party!