Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mom uniform?

I've been mulling over this the past week.  Several times I've come across an article in either a parenting magazine or blog claiming "The top 10 things a mom must own!" or "Don't leave home without...."  It made me wonder.  Do I have a mom uniform? 

Clothes I can't live without:

Wide legged/flare jeans.  I have a thing about covering my shoes when I'm sitting.  I have no idea where it came from, but if my ankles/shoes are totally showing because my pant leg comes up?  I'm mortified deep inside.

Skirts.  As long as it's a skirt I can pair with a tank or a dressier shirt it's good. 

Sun/day dresses.  I love super dressy dresses, but then as soon as I put them on, I feel too dressy.  Am I weird?  So I like the happy medium a day dress brings.  You can look dressy for the day but not so dressy people are like "Why are you so dressed up?  This is J-town.  Nobody ever gets out of their sweats."  (Or maybe those are just the other parents I see dropping their kids off at school....!)

Sweats.  If I have zero things to do, I go straight into sweatpants.  I don't care if it's 90 degrees outside.  I will happily sit in my house with the A/C and curl up in a pair of sweats.

Sweatshirts.  I have a giant bucket filled with sweatshirts.  Not just filled, overflowing.  The top doesn't even fit anymore.  I blame winter.  When it gets really stupid cold, I throw on a sweatshirt and call it a day.  Makes me feel bad for when I forget to change before a piano lesson, but hey, it's cold outside, I'm allowed.  :D

Other than that I can't say anything else is a 'must have'.  (besides basics like tanks/tees/underwear :D )

Now that I'm back up to several days a week of playing dress up I'm bringing back my outfit posts.  To start it back off here's what I wore today.

Jeans are from Urban Outfitters
tank from overage discount store
heart tank from Glik's

I'm pretty excited because my new jeans are expected to arrive tomorrow!  Also I just ordered a new pair of tall charcoal boots and a lightweight olivey colored sweater.  Everything is from Hautelook where surprisingly I've been able to find decent steals :D

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  1. mommy uniform? mine is shorts and tank top....and no make up. there was a time I wouldn't be caught dead without make up. lol