Wednesday, August 29, 2012

These Days...

...everything seems like a blur these days.  Like I get into day mode and it's all the same; wash, rinse, repeat!  There are my running days followed by an afternoon of knitting (sometimes), dinner, piano lessons.  Or the other variation is piano right after school (today will mark our first trial of getting Monster Bean home before my students get here!), dinner and hopefully relaxing!  By the time evening rolls around I have been a giant blob of O.O  Monday night I went to bed early (and thank goodness; I needed it!) and last night I didn't get to bed 'til super late.  :(  Not happy about that; especially as it made me sleep in, power walk the dog, then practically drag everybody to school even though we weren't late there. 

I am definitely taking Little Miss in the stroller to school drop off/pick up.  This whole dealing with her asking me to carry her is not going to fly.  Today I gave in for a block before my back reminded me why toddlers should walk no matter what.  She did walk the rest of the way home and was more interested in walking when we started doing our funny walks.  Who can walk on their tippy toes?  Who can stomp like a dinosaur?  Who wants to walk on their heels? 

Living in ND I feel like I shouldn't say this, but I really really really want cooler weather to move in.  Ever since the start of 'back to school' I have been in jeans/sweater mode.  Which is really difficult to pull off when it's constantly 80+ degrees outside.  The leaves are already changing colors and as we walk to school in the mornings it's beautiful to see them against (some people's) bright green lawns. 

On Sunday my husband made his first batch of salsa from the tomatoes and jalapenos in our garden.  The only things he had to buy were cilantro and I think green peppers.  It turned out really super tasty.  It was a nice spicy sweet and apparently last night at his Fantasy Football draft they went through an entire jar of it.  Our rhubarb replenished itself and I'm thinking of pulling it to make one last batch of something, or trying my hand at canning some rhubarb jam.

With back to school I decided to do a little reorganizing.  I bought a few plastic storage boxes and labeled them for construction paper, glue/tape and crayons.  The best part about that was writing on them with my fancy Sharpie markers.  :D  They fit perfectly in our shelf in the kitchen instead of running amuck.  I knew that there was no way Little Miss would leave her backpack alone if it was in her room so I bought hooks and hung them by our back door so they both have a place to hang up their bags.  It's been working out great.  They hang up their bags, take off their shoes and we immediately review any papers that came home.

Alrighty, I already feel like I should have another cup of coffee.....!

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