Sunday, September 30, 2012


Most people will say they are either crocheters or knitters.  I am most definitely more of a knitter than a crocheter.  It has a lot to do with my beginning experiences.  I thought I had the knack down for crocheting but when I tried to crochet the easy projects, I was totally overwhelmed and gave up.  Then I picked up knitting and the rest was really history from there.  Until today.  Or a few weeks ago really.

Crocheted animals and figures are admittedly way cuter than knit ones.  I'm not sure why I feel this way, but I hold it to be true in my heart.  I always feel like my knit animals are too holey where shaping needs to be done and they just don't look quite the same (and definitely never the same as in the pictures).  So you know that my friend asked me to make her some zombies and I went ahead and tried crocheting one from a super cute pattern.  It surprisingly went well!

This past weekend I was fiddling around on Ravelry and started queuing crochet projects like a crazy person on crack.  Cute animals here, animals there, ornaments, was intense I tell you.  Out of my flurry of activity I crocheted: stuffed bird as a kitty toy, kitty, dragon, and a pear.  Since Friday.  :D

I tried to get a picture of the bird but Mance has been having too much fun with him.  :D  The kitty looks a little weird because I misread some of the directions.  For the longest time I kept wondering why there were minus signs by the some of the directions.  Yeah, if I had really looked I would have realized they were trying to tell me to crochet through so and so rows.  Ooops.  He worked out nonetheless!  It is pretty exciting that I have picked up a new skill and I can't wait to make more cute little animals :D

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