Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Playlist

I put in another 3.5 miles this morning on the treadmill in 42 minutes (walked the last half mile; ran 3 in 33 minutes).  On my playlist this morning

Mumford & Sons "Awake my Soul" and "The Cave"
Gwen Stefani
AC/DC "Big Balls"
Lynard Skynard "Sweet Home Alabama"
Black Eyed Peas "Let's get Retarded"
Flogging Molly "Black Friday Rule"
Queen "We Will Rock You"
NIN "Closer"
Cake "Going the Distance"

That list doesn't seem long enough but even going back through my playlist isn't help jog my memory.  Hm.  The one good thing about running on the treadmill is catching up on the big plays I missed from football yesterday.  The bad thing is when I go to turn my head and practically fall off said treadmill because where my head moves my body moves.  Eep.

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