Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall means apples and fairies

A couple weekends ago my husband picked a bunch of apples off the bottom branches of our tree.  I have finally gotten around to making something with them!

Instead of making a regular pie I found a recipe for Deep Dish Apple Pie.  My top crust is definitely better than normal, I only had to fumble about with the edges  We had it as dessert after lunch today and of course my husband gave his standard answers of "The crust is tough" and "Oh it's terrrrrrrible ;) "  Which of course all equate to it's pretty good.  My daughter, bless her sweet heart, very nicely told me "You're pretty and you make pretty pie".  :D

For the past few days I have been crocheting a fairy doll for my daughter.  What made this project take a little longer is all the darn hair.  O.o  I mean really, it wasn't so much a pain in the butt, there was just so much of it to make.  So I cheated a bit and did some of it in the funny swirls and the rest sewn up to make it look like it's in a ponytail.

I used a free pattern from Petite Purls (a wonderful resource for free knitting and crochet patterns!) titled "Margarita". 

The only part of this pattern I had trouble with were the legs.  I'm not really sure why but every time I went to make them, I always ended up with a different looking second one.  After 6 failed attempts I said screw it and improvised some simpler ones :D  This project was fun because I was able to use up lots of leftover scrap yarn from various projects.

This upcoming weekend I am looking forward to picking up more tulle to make a witch tutu skirt for Little Miss' costume, more yarn for various crochet projects (obsession now I tell you) and taking some relaxing time.

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  1. I read a tip for making sweater sleeves that would probably work for doll legs too. knit both at the same time on the same loooong needles. that way they will always measure the same length. Of course, I've never tried it. lol and she's a cutie!