Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monday's Run and Halloween Crafting

On Monday I set myself up to run straight up 3 miles on the treadmill.  I really wasn't exceptionally in the mood but I often find that just by telling Little Miss we are for sure totally going, it makes me want to keep my word.  For being just a plain old run no fancy intervals it went pretty well.  From what I remember on my playlist was....

"Killer Queen"
A few Gwen Stefani songs

The bad part about Monday was that a lot of the slow stuff came up first so my brain immediately went "bleeeeeeh".  Then of course at the end of my run all of the good songs popped on but I was already done.  I need to set up another playlist that follows a good rhythm of energetic to begin with, cool to groove to in the middle and finish strong.

On Sunday Monster Bean went to a pirate themed pool party.  They sent home water bottles filled with sand and seashells and on a 'treasure map' invite.  It was really cute and a great idea.  When we got to the hotel the few tables they had claimed all had skulls and nets and seashells placed on them and each little kid received a pirate hat, eyepatch, hook and mini sword and got their pictures taken.  They received little brown bags that had X's colored on them filled with candy.  :)  Monster Bean's classmate's mom was nice enough to send an extra one home for Little Miss.  Needless to say Sunday afternoon became all about pirates when he came home.  :D

But while he was there and Little Miss was 'napping', I set up shop to do some of my own Halloween crafts.  I had seen an idea to paint a fun picture on a wooden slate and hang it up.  Our local WalMart is so random when it comes to what arts and crafts things it carries and I lucked out that they had small wooden plaques I could use except in two different sizes than the last time I bought some.  Go figure.  But here's what I came up with

I also finally made our Halloween party invitations.  I honestly was going to cheat this year and buy some or just do it the old fashioned word of mouth way.  But since I was at the store anyway and the supplies were cheap I gave in to my inner craft nerd.

Not only that but on Saturday I made paper pumpkins and the kids helped me make name skeletons to hang up.

And finally....I've been a little hesitant to talk about my hair.  It's definitely grown on me, but the first couple days I was definitely meh about it.  I asked my husband to help me do highlights because he's usually super awesome about it.  I'm not sure what happened this time or if I forgot how light it makes my hair or what the deal was....but it definitely turned out way blonder than I expected and a lot more all over than I thought.  As my husband said, once you start plucking those babies out through the cap it gets really difficult to tell how much hair is out.  But now that the shock has worn off I'm okay with it and now I want to fix all those roots he missed because I feel ridiculous when my hair is up.

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