Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kids' Treats

I think it's great fun when kids get to bring treats to share with their friends at school.  Little Miss goes to a peanut-free school so homemade treats and anything peanut or possibly contaminated by peanuts is a no-go.  But that doesn't mean you can't dress up a lollipop as something really cute!  :D

I intended to make spider lollipops for both Monster Bean and Little Miss' classes.  Then I made 18 for Little Miss and decided I had to find something different to do for the next 23.  The spiders were a pain in the butt with having to cut them in half and twist them and they weren't balanced quite right so they kept falling over.  So while they were cute, they were a pain.

I also originally had put everyone's names on their tag but even though the class list said 13 I knew there were a few names that were missing and so I didn't want to miss anybody by name and decided to go with 18 and cut off the names and therefore nobody's feelings would be hurt.

My next batch were witch's brooms for Monster Bean's class.  They were time consuming in themselves, but not in the I'm going to pull my  hair out kind of way.  More in the If I accidentally cut this all up weird it doesn't matter so I can hack and slash all I want.

Personally I like the brooms a lot more.  :)  He'll be bringing them to school tomorrow so I hope they're a big hit!  :D

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